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Writer’s block, difficulties in evaluating references, ineffective proofreading – have you had any one or all of these? They’re probably one of the most annoying things students experience during the wake of completing research essays.

But that doesn’t mean these experiences won’t teach students a thing or two. In fact, it provides a dynamic array of challenges. Conquering each one does not only serve to help students complete their research essays; it also facilitates the progressive development of students’ research essay writing.

For those of you, who recognise the value behind these challenges; consider the Researcher’s story your own. These essay writing experiences are genuine events that took place while in the midst of a harrowing schedule the Researcher had.

In the first semester of uni life, everything was about adjustment. By second semester, the Researcher decided that to meet ends, a part-time job has to be in place. At first, a simple time management routine was set to ensure that research essays are written and submitted on time.

But as the course load started to get real heavy, these time management techniques were no longer sufficient. In every step of the research essay writing process, the researcher had to come up with a variety of methods, improvise here and there to meet the demands of the research essay.

These methods are going to be the heart of this blog. The Researcher’s objective is to provide you – students of all institutions and courses – titbits of information invaluable for effective research essay writing.

It also delves on making the most out of these challenges by coming up with the most innovative twists and tweaks. This blog wants to push for brighter research essay writing. In other words, you can trust this blog to enlighten you with real-life issues regarding research essay writing.

The Researcher  


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