Should One Avoid Sensitive Topics In Writing Essays?

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Everybody must have an encounter with something ugly or unsavoury for a topic. The essays’ sensitive topic, which is unfortunately, assigned to me often makes me want to do somersaulting at the pit of a volcano.

It’s not that I can’t work around it (though, at first, that’s what I think); it’s just conflicting emotions often override my capabilities to come up with a good piece. In this case, only one advice comes to mind: get educated, read about it.

Indeed, topics that irk us are undoubtedly those topics that we avoid (when we can afford to do so). The result of such aversion is a lack of factual knowledge regarding the topic. If you let this lack of factual knowledge grow, something else is bound to develop: misconceptions.

What essays’ sensitive topic have I encountered that really made me flinch? In my duration of formal education, there had been a lot. But the most irksome was euthanasia. I hated it because it’s generally about death.

I hated it more because it’s not about natural death, but murder. And no amount of sugar-coating could help me wrap my head around this topic. But I had a word count to fill and a deadline to beat. Hence, I decided to follow that aforementioned advice and read about it.

It was an uncomfortable affair at first. But as I read more and more, I seem to grow layers of skin. In other words, slowly, gradually, I became tolerant about this essays’ sensitive topic.

And the good thing about reading is that it takes the focus off of you, into the issue. In effect, I no longer felt aware about my uncomfortable response to the euthanasia issue; I was too engrossed to the topic that looking and feeling how I felt about it was temporarily overshadowed.

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So, should one avoid such kinds of themes when writing essays? No. If you can help it, work against that uncomfortable feeling. Find a technique that should render the almost-impossible feat, possible. If reading can’t give you the remedy, try discussing it with friends.

Besides, wouldn’t it be cool to have written about something you passionately hate or abhor? No one can deny it; in my case, it felt good to have encountered euthanasia as a theme.


Working Well With Writing Partner

writing partner

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Have you considered getting a partner in writing school essays? Probably, not; besides higher education usually reinforces independent work, pushing collaboration a wee bit off.

But getting one does promise a lot. It sure is necessary for us to learn to do it our way, but hey, two heads are said to be better than one, right?

I had my share of working with a writing partner; and in various occasions, I could see that there is more than what you see in collaboration. For instance, a partner can point at something obvious in your piece. And that’s funny, considering that I really do my best to perfect my proofreading skills.

Apart from those, there are several occasions of which I wished I took a partner in writing school essays. Such occasions were:

  • When I had to work on a very comprehensive research paper. It sure was difficult to conduct research, assess my references, and ensure that I remain on track. We do this multitasking thing most of the time; yet, at that particular case, I was sick. I had to work on bed; naturally, I easily fell into deep sleep.

The result? I was able to submit my work on time, but it had lots of errors (mainly grammatical).

  • When I had to produce a piece collating several raw data. Gathering data alone is just plain difficult. I was at war at myself most of time – simply because I know what I had to do (which is approach a prospective respondent), yet I find it tough due to my timid blues.

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In the duration of standing in front of the university, amidst passing students, I remember my roommate Patsy. She’s outgoing and will certainly enjoy helping me out. Unfortunately, she was already out with her friends. If I had considered bringing her in, I would have squeezed in her schedule.

  • When I had to work on a topic I knew nothing about. I did research and read a lot, but the subject’s language was simply too complex for me to grasp. This case would have merit consulting a partner in writing school essays; but I was too adamant at that time.

I hope that by sharing this, you won’t have any of my regrettable woes, ever.