Working Well With Writing Partner

writing partner

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Have you considered getting a partner in writing school essays? Probably, not; besides higher education usually reinforces independent work, pushing collaboration a wee bit off.

But getting one does promise a lot. It sure is necessary for us to learn to do it our way, but hey, two heads are said to be better than one, right?

I had my share of working with a writing partner; and in various occasions, I could see that there is more than what you see in collaboration. For instance, a partner can point at something obvious in your piece. And that’s funny, considering that I really do my best to perfect my proofreading skills.

Apart from those, there are several occasions of which I wished I took a partner in writing school essays. Such occasions were:

  • When I had to work on a very comprehensive research paper. It sure was difficult to conduct research, assess my references, and ensure that I remain on track. We do this multitasking thing most of the time; yet, at that particular case, I was sick. I had to work on bed; naturally, I easily fell into deep sleep.

The result? I was able to submit my work on time, but it had lots of errors (mainly grammatical).

  • When I had to produce a piece collating several raw data. Gathering data alone is just plain difficult. I was at war at myself most of time – simply because I know what I had to do (which is approach a prospective respondent), yet I find it tough due to my timid blues.

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In the duration of standing in front of the university, amidst passing students, I remember my roommate Patsy. She’s outgoing and will certainly enjoy helping me out. Unfortunately, she was already out with her friends. If I had considered bringing her in, I would have squeezed in her schedule.

  • When I had to work on a topic I knew nothing about. I did research and read a lot, but the subject’s language was simply too complex for me to grasp. This case would have merit consulting a partner in writing school essays; but I was too adamant at that time.

I hope that by sharing this, you won’t have any of my regrettable woes, ever.