Finishing Touches for My Research Essay

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So, this is the promised finale for my post on research essay writing. There’s terrible pressure to make it as best as the first blog-entry I’ve shared. In fact, I’m feeling too sentimental; I’m hardly blinking through these tears (sniff, sniff)…

Oh well, I got to bring it on. So, here’s how to furnish the Research essays’ final part.

I myself am no expert in writing conclusive parts for my research pieces. My tutor has even remarked about the lack of clarity.

Step #1: Show a friend, classmate, or tutor your drafted last part.
Feedback is an important ingredient for every attempt to improve your research pieces. Hence, avoid ditching it, even if the truth hurts. Listen attentively and commit to actually making an improvement for the final part.

At times, I feel I am in no mood to write spontaneously. At this rate, I’d be preparing an outline.

Step #2 Create a fitting content for the Research essays’ final part.

For instance, if the introduction is about the objective of the research and the body presents the collated research evidence – the last part will have to discuss on the findings of the research.

We’ve tackled about improvement and content; how about the real ‘finishing touches’ of the piece?


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Step #3 Allocate sufficient time to proofread and revise the final portion.

Okay, I am no immune to fatigue; in most cases, our patience and energy on the written piece may have been used up to work on the introduction and body. What’s left for the last part is a meagre portion. But hey, remind yourself that if you slack at the last part, then it will be your piece’s ruin.Furthermore, you’ve done quite a lot to ensure the quality of your piece; why leave the last part to rot?

Unfortunately, making the Research essays’ final part perfect is not attained overnight. It has to be consistently practised.

Step #4 Repeat all-three steps regularly, ah no, every single time you’re tasked to write the research piece.

Do it and stop grumbling. Do it and forget about making any ‘valid’ excuses. Just do it and bask in your success – that great mark, that positive critique from tutor and peers.

These four are my personal touches for research-works; make them yours, too!


Working Well With Writing Partner

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Have you considered getting a partner in writing school essays? Probably, not; besides higher education usually reinforces independent work, pushing collaboration a wee bit off.

But getting one does promise a lot. It sure is necessary for us to learn to do it our way, but hey, two heads are said to be better than one, right?

I had my share of working with a writing partner; and in various occasions, I could see that there is more than what you see in collaboration. For instance, a partner can point at something obvious in your piece. And that’s funny, considering that I really do my best to perfect my proofreading skills.

Apart from those, there are several occasions of which I wished I took a partner in writing school essays. Such occasions were:

  • When I had to work on a very comprehensive research paper. It sure was difficult to conduct research, assess my references, and ensure that I remain on track. We do this multitasking thing most of the time; yet, at that particular case, I was sick. I had to work on bed; naturally, I easily fell into deep sleep.

The result? I was able to submit my work on time, but it had lots of errors (mainly grammatical).

  • When I had to produce a piece collating several raw data. Gathering data alone is just plain difficult. I was at war at myself most of time – simply because I know what I had to do (which is approach a prospective respondent), yet I find it tough due to my timid blues.

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In the duration of standing in front of the university, amidst passing students, I remember my roommate Patsy. She’s outgoing and will certainly enjoy helping me out. Unfortunately, she was already out with her friends. If I had considered bringing her in, I would have squeezed in her schedule.

  • When I had to work on a topic I knew nothing about. I did research and read a lot, but the subject’s language was simply too complex for me to grasp. This case would have merit consulting a partner in writing school essays; but I was too adamant at that time.

I hope that by sharing this, you won’t have any of my regrettable woes, ever.