Personal Opinion: Writing Research Essays at School

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Sharing my point of view about research essays has been essential for this blog. I sincerely hope that this was of help for most of you, in the short and long terms of research essay writing.

However, there had been trends in this academic activity that I think needed further discussion. Be cautioned that the following points are mine to make, but yours to reflect:

Schools don’t seem to realise the necessity of support. How many times have I reiterated the need for us, students, to obtain concrete support for our research essays? Certainly, I did that too many times; and while my voice is a wee bit tiny to be heard by large academic institutions, collate yours with mine and we’d be equivalent to considerable decibels.

Enough is enough. The culture within uni halls that labels those who didn’t fare well in research essays stupid or intellectually lacking should stop and cease to exist. What needs to be recognised is the need for help and that’s my point of view about research essays.

Students need to ask for support. Let’s face it: staying mum about our writing support needs won’t make a difference in how we do our writing or how tutors design their essay metrics. In the growing orientation of research even at undergraduate level, it has been no surprise that research essays become a staple coursework for almost any type of student.

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As students, we need to create a clear message as to where our weaknesses in writing lie. Is it in grammar or referencing? Is it in maintaining a productive pace of writing? Whatever it is or are, we got to name it. In most cases, specific issues seem smaller and manageable and are therefore, subject to accessible solutions – than the generalised “I need help” statement.

Students should be receptive of other kinds of support. Ranting at an uninterested or disengaged tutor or institution may have long term impacts (i.e., consider your needs). But in the meantime, you will need another kind of writing support.

You can get just that if you welcome options, like working with buddies, tutorials, writing seminars, and writing services.

My point of view about research essays matters, because like you, I’m after improvement, skills, and of course, marks.