My Definition of Research Essays As A Student

studentsStudents’ view of writing essay is highly inclined to be dull. For them, it’s all about the tedious gathering of references and the formulation of profound thoughts – which, in general, is hard to sustain.

The effort behind making this research and writing feasible is what makes it less appetising for students. The only thing that could change their mind is when they eventually find a way around this tedious job. Otherwise, their definition is locked unto these negative connotations.

My definition of research essays is no different. Like those students, I used to think it’s burdensome. This negative association made a huge gap between my definition and that of the uni’s.

My higher institution perceived the research essays to be an effective tool for drawing out the inquisitiveness from students. It was an avenue for performing standardised academic inquiries. What’s more, there was something unique about these research essays.

They were courseworks that were “personal.” It’s personal not just because it was exclusively ours to make or write; it is personal because it permits students, like me, to work under our pace. This view about research essays being “personal” – this caught on my definition of research essays.

My prior definition, which was closely knitted with negative associations, gradually vanished. I saw the logic behind my uni’s definition of research essays. In fact, you could say I agreed, or that it changed my mind.

Following my agreement of this whole “personal definition,” my own definition progressively expanded into these:

  • Since research essays is a personal affair (as suggested by my uni’s definition), its content is my responsibility. What I define as part of this personal responsibility is the meeting of specified requisites, as well as, an establishment of my own standards.
  • Research essays deeply involve the evaluation of another’s work – that is my reference’s author. This naturally suggests that I make it a point to really engage myself into studying another’s research. In my imagery, that would implicate a kind of discourse – between me and my reference’s author.
  • And because a research essay remains to be categorised as an academic endeavour, I will have to maintain that heightened sensitivity to academic conventions (grammar, spelling, referencing system). 

I’m proud to say that these make-up my definition of research essays.